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Cosmetic Dental Services in Yalesville, CT

In addition to the pediatric dentistry we provide, our general dentist sees adult patients. For many older patients, the appearance of their smile is a chief dental concern. Consequently, Meslin Pediatric & Family Dentistry provides cosmetic dentistry in Wallingford, Meriden, Cheshire, and the surrounding communities. Visit our practice to improve the appearance of your smile.

Cosmetic Procedures for an Improved Look

Some of the cosmetic dental treatments we have available are purely aesthetic in their purpose. While helping your teeth look beautiful is their primary goal, the value of such treatment cannot be understated. There is a link between improved self-confidence and a person’s appearance matching their ideal self-image, and having a more aesthetically-pleasing smile helps many achieve that image.

Our family dental practice in Wallingford provides teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and snowflake microabrasion as aesthetic-only dental procedures. For the lifting of external teeth stains, we provide professional-grade whitening gels through an in-office dental procedure or as a prescription you take home with you. In either case, proper use of teeth whitening will help your smile become noticeably brighter and more beautiful. If the tooth has internal staining instead, or its shape is too thin, crooked, or chipped for your liking, a veneer can conceal its look permanently to give you a more uniform smile. If your teeth have “snowflakes,” which are white spots on teeth not unlike freckles, they can be removed through microabrasion.

Cosmetic Options for Restorative Care

Alternatively, your cosmetic dental options may instead be in relation to restorative dentistry. When teeth decay or are lost, they will need to be rebuilt or replaced, respectively, with a dental prosthetic. While metal crowns and bridges and other traditional restorations are effective, especially when restoring teeth under additional stress, their appearance often stands out and limits the confidence-boosting effects of a healthy smile.

Meslin Pediatric & Family Dentistry offers several cosmetic alternatives to metal crowns and bridges. A popular option is a full-porcelain restoration, which closely mimics the natural beauty of a tooth while being resilient enough to withstand everyday use. Porcelain can also be fused to a gold base to create crowns and bridges that better balance out the aesthetic benefits of ceramic with the strength of a metal restoration. Additionally, we provide composite resin for use in dental fillings and, in select circumstances, dental crowns. Not only do these restorations match the color of naturally healthy teeth, but they can help fill in mild gaps between teeth.

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Meslin Pediatric & Family Dentistry provides cosmetic dentistry near Wallingford. To learn more about how we can help you develop a healthy and beautiful smile, call our practice today!

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