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Helping Children Develop Healthy Smiles in Yalesville, CT

From its inception, Meslin Pediatric & Family Dentistry has provided pediatric dentistry in Wallingford, Meriden, Cheshire, and the surrounding communities. Doctors Deng and Meslin, our pediatric specialists, are proud to help children develop healthy smiles that can last a lifetime. Schedule your family’s appointment today to discover how our practice can help your children stay healthy.

Procedures Specifically for Children

The treatments provided by Meslin Pediatric & Family Dentistry are uniquely able to treat children for their various dental health concerns.

One example of this dedicated service is our use of silver diamine fluoride. This product is an antibiotic fluoride liquid which stops cavities from growing, in addition to providing the restorative benefits fluoride has on tooth enamel. While a dental filling is an ideal treatment for tooth decay, the cooperation of the child may prevent our Wallingford dental practice from offering this restoration. Similarly, a tooth experiencing decay before it has completely erupted is not eligible for a filling. Silver diamine fluoride gives our dentists the opportunity to better treat the oral health needs of children.

We also help children overcome the decay and malocclusion issues to which they are more susceptible. A pulpotomy restores a child’s baby tooth after its internal pulp has begun to decay. We then seal off the tooth with a stainless steel crown to keep the tooth strong and healthy until the adult tooth replaces it. Similarly, interceptive orthodontic treatments can eliminate teeth misalignment before it grows in severity. Our pediatric specialists work with Dr. Berey, our orthodontist, to provide the treatments and appliances necessary to treat these conditions.

Helping Children Become Comfortable

A child’s comfort is just as important to a successful dental visit as the results of the treatments themselves. As a practice dedicated to the care of patients of all ages, Meslin Pediatric & Family Dentistry works to ensure that each child receives their oral health care in a relaxing, secure way.

Like all of our dentists, our pediatric specialists are committed to addressing patient concerns as they arrive. If a child is nervous about undergoing a certain treatment, we help them develop the understanding of why that procedure may be necessary. This frank conversation gives a young patient the power to take charge of their oral health care. If a child still cannot accept treatment, we work within their comfort to provide the care we can.

In select circumstances, Dr. Deng partners with Connecticut Children’s Medical Center to provide pediatric dental services under general anesthesia. Children with special needs and cases of extensive restorative treatment can benefit from the sedation and patient-focused care of a pediatric hospital environment.

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